Cyber Security: Why WordPress Is Better Than Twitter.

The WordPress webpage for blogs is quite an astonishing webpage for its kind. Best I’ve seen for a long time and I’ve been searching the web ever since I got it installed.

Something to note it is easier to use than twitter where it has a character limit and micromanaging your posts, word press has an agreement that they will discuss the terms on your post and negotiate in changing the post to a more family-friendly blog, unlike twitter they seem to take down your blog/tweet post and give you a warning without any reasoning only if it breaches their terms and service, Word press will compensate their time and dedication so you can keep your blog post up and running for many users to come and comment their thoughts.

The thing that comes to mind when Cyber Security posts new blogs is security issues that may arise from these posts is cross-site-scripting stealing valuable data and all sorts of personal information.



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